So I have decided that I can't have my What I Am Wearing and other shopping tidbits without the personal side of me.

The Girl Behind The Dress is now my new personal blog. The posts from here will be moved.

Last change.



What I Am Wearing ~ A Supre Skirt


[Jewellery from~ Bracelet: Diva; Ring: Occasions Jewellers; Necklace: Equip. Sizes ~ Valleygirl: Large; Target: 16; Supre*: Large; Target: 12; Havaianas: 41.]

All clothing is purchased from Australian-based stores.

*Never thought I would shop in Supre again! Not only that but I love the skirt.


What I Am Wearing ~ Leopard Print + Nude Shoes


[Sizes ~ Cotton On: Large; Target: 12; Nine West: 8.5.] 

* All purchased within Australia.


Shoe Shopping

So you all know how I wanted a pair of nude shoes and found a few other pairs that I loved?

Well I went shopping tonight and guess what I bought! *winks*

Apologies for the voice, I am sick at the moment. And for swearing.

Note: I did not orgasm on the camera. I was talking about when I put them on of course!


I Heart Shoes

Since reading Styling You's post about NUDE shoes I went a little crazy looking at shoes.

Most of which are nude in colour. A couple are a little different.

Can I has them all please?

Note: All images are linked individually.

Wittner ~ Fast Wittner ~ Nighty Betts ~ Traffic Wittner ~ Simoney Wittner ~ Winston Mod Cloth ~ Neap Tide Heel PeepToe ~ Miss Buckingham PeepToe ~ Miss Lulu PeepToe ~ Miss Arielle Wittner ~ Jill

Any that you like?

ps. I have the Winston wedges in black patent already.


Oh Look, A Sale!

I was at Broadway shopping centre this afternoon.

I had to have blood taken that was the whole reason that I was there.

I knew that I shouldn't be shopping because I completely overspent last fortnight and left myself with only a small amount of money.

After the blood was taken I wandered into Portmans and found a gorgeous dress. Almost a hundred and forty dollars so I put it back.

I smiled a little at myself. That was mind-blowing self-control that I had just displayed.

Pity it was only in that store.

I am about to walk past Jeanswest when I notice, 30% OFF DRESSES staring at me.

How on Earth could I not walk in?

Three dress. A hundred and forty dollars later I walk out with a smile.

Shopping makes me happy.

I then walked into Wittner looking at the shoes I had found online.

They were the rudest retail peoples I had ever met. After that little experience I will never shop in there again. There are some stores where you do not require too much assistance, but in a shoe store it is kind of expected that you want help.

I literally walked out of the store without the assistant even noticing.

I then headed up a level and ate.

I thought I was going home. That was until I noticed a very sexy blazer in Cotton On calling me.

I swear it was calling out to me.

A dress, a top and that blazer later I walked out. Spending a hundred and five dollars.

"I better leave," I thought and quickly left the shopping centre.

Gawd I am terrible at this self-control thing but it is only because shopping makes me happy. Oh so happy.



What I Am Wearing ~ Navy/White Stripe Jumper


[Sizes ~ French Connection: 10; Witchery: 14; Havaianas: 41.]

* Australian-based sizing.

ps. The jumper has cute bows down the back and I almost squealed loudly from the changerooms when the size ten fit me.
pps. Was also $129.95 down to $79.95 ~ BARGAIN!