What I Am Wearing ~ Leopard Print + Nude Shoes


[Sizes ~ Cotton On: Large; Target: 12; Nine West: 8.5.] 

* All purchased within Australia.


Shoe Shopping

So you all know how I wanted a pair of nude shoes and found a few other pairs that I loved?

Well I went shopping tonight and guess what I bought! *winks*

Apologies for the voice, I am sick at the moment. And for swearing.

Note: I did not orgasm on the camera. I was talking about when I put them on of course!


I Heart Shoes

Since reading Styling You's post about NUDE shoes I went a little crazy looking at shoes.

Most of which are nude in colour. A couple are a little different.

Can I has them all please?

Note: All images are linked individually.

Wittner ~ Fast Wittner ~ Nighty Betts ~ Traffic Wittner ~ Simoney Wittner ~ Winston Mod Cloth ~ Neap Tide Heel PeepToe ~ Miss Buckingham PeepToe ~ Miss Lulu PeepToe ~ Miss Arielle Wittner ~ Jill

Any that you like?

ps. I have the Winston wedges in black patent already.


Oh Look, A Sale!

I was at Broadway shopping centre this afternoon.

I had to have blood taken that was the whole reason that I was there.

I knew that I shouldn't be shopping because I completely overspent last fortnight and left myself with only a small amount of money.

After the blood was taken I wandered into Portmans and found a gorgeous dress. Almost a hundred and forty dollars so I put it back.

I smiled a little at myself. That was mind-blowing self-control that I had just displayed.

Pity it was only in that store.

I am about to walk past Jeanswest when I notice, 30% OFF DRESSES staring at me.

How on Earth could I not walk in?

Three dress. A hundred and forty dollars later I walk out with a smile.

Shopping makes me happy.

I then walked into Wittner looking at the shoes I had found online.

They were the rudest retail peoples I had ever met. After that little experience I will never shop in there again. There are some stores where you do not require too much assistance, but in a shoe store it is kind of expected that you want help.

I literally walked out of the store without the assistant even noticing.

I then headed up a level and ate.

I thought I was going home. That was until I noticed a very sexy blazer in Cotton On calling me.

I swear it was calling out to me.

A dress, a top and that blazer later I walked out. Spending a hundred and five dollars.

"I better leave," I thought and quickly left the shopping centre.

Gawd I am terrible at this self-control thing but it is only because shopping makes me happy. Oh so happy.



What I Am Wearing ~ Navy/White Stripe Jumper


[Sizes ~ French Connection: 10; Witchery: 14; Havaianas: 41.]

* Australian-based sizing.

ps. The jumper has cute bows down the back and I almost squealed loudly from the changerooms when the size ten fit me.
pps. Was also $129.95 down to $79.95 ~ BARGAIN!


Shoe Shopping

I love shoes and until recently I really didn't own that many pairs.

That being said, over the last few months I now own at least ten pairs of shoes.

Something which I just don't feel is enough.

Am currently in the process of "fixing" this situation, believe me!

I have one of those Wittner cards. I think I am still at the newbie level as I purchased a pair of black patent wedges from there back in June.

Anyway, I received at little $20 off any purchase. Bargain right?

I just can't decide which shoes I love the best.

Wait, I do love them all but I don't really have the spare $360 lying around to buy all three pairs.

Sad but true.

So, if it was you, which pair would you buy?

I have a thing for wedges it seems..

* I really like the black patent AND the red patent. One of each?


Polly Dolly ~ Kaftan

Each week, usually on a Thursday Danimezza publishes her "Polly Dolly" challenge.

This week is all about the kaftan and since I found this gorgeous suit on Mod Cloth I have been tempted to play around with dressing it up for summer.

I grew up on the beach so I know how important wearing sunscreen is. This girl has a tonne of freckles already and I am all for caring for your skin. Hence that little bottle of SPF 30+.

The black suit is a classic cut and I think it will suit my body perfectly. Cannot wait to make that purchase! The kaftan is a gorgeous colour. One that I probably would never wear, because I do have pale skin. Ahh, the beauty of polly dolly.

Those wedges would make my legs look long combined with those shorts. I currently have a small obsession with demin shorts [*looks down* currently wearing a pair right now from Witchery!]

So here it is, my kaftan combo:

Polly Dolly ~ Kaftan

Phyllis Boho caftan top
$169 - itsthenewblack.com.au

Esther Williams one piece bikini
$90 - modcloth.com

Dorothy Perkins heel wedge
£25 - dorothyperkins.com

Printed handbag
$38 - bloomingdales.com

H m hat
£9.99 - hm.com