Oh Look, A Sale!

I was at Broadway shopping centre this afternoon.

I had to have blood taken that was the whole reason that I was there.

I knew that I shouldn't be shopping because I completely overspent last fortnight and left myself with only a small amount of money.

After the blood was taken I wandered into Portmans and found a gorgeous dress. Almost a hundred and forty dollars so I put it back.

I smiled a little at myself. That was mind-blowing self-control that I had just displayed.

Pity it was only in that store.

I am about to walk past Jeanswest when I notice, 30% OFF DRESSES staring at me.

How on Earth could I not walk in?

Three dress. A hundred and forty dollars later I walk out with a smile.

Shopping makes me happy.

I then walked into Wittner looking at the shoes I had found online.

They were the rudest retail peoples I had ever met. After that little experience I will never shop in there again. There are some stores where you do not require too much assistance, but in a shoe store it is kind of expected that you want help.

I literally walked out of the store without the assistant even noticing.

I then headed up a level and ate.

I thought I was going home. That was until I noticed a very sexy blazer in Cotton On calling me.

I swear it was calling out to me.

A dress, a top and that blazer later I walked out. Spending a hundred and five dollars.

"I better leave," I thought and quickly left the shopping centre.

Gawd I am terrible at this self-control thing but it is only because shopping makes me happy. Oh so happy.


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