Shoe Shopping

I love shoes and until recently I really didn't own that many pairs.

That being said, over the last few months I now own at least ten pairs of shoes.

Something which I just don't feel is enough.

Am currently in the process of "fixing" this situation, believe me!

I have one of those Wittner cards. I think I am still at the newbie level as I purchased a pair of black patent wedges from there back in June.

Anyway, I received at little $20 off any purchase. Bargain right?

I just can't decide which shoes I love the best.

Wait, I do love them all but I don't really have the spare $360 lying around to buy all three pairs.

Sad but true.

So, if it was you, which pair would you buy?

I have a thing for wedges it seems..

* I really like the black patent AND the red patent. One of each?


Alejandra ♥ Arismendi said...

mmm hard choise jajaj..
i like the first

but the 3 are beautifull...
kisses and
Gretting from Chile :)

Alejandra ♥ Arismendi said...

i follow u now..!!!

i like ur blog :)

Amy said...

I really love the third pair....I think they are cute and I could also wear them for work.

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