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I have always looked at Mod Cloth's clothing since Fat Mum Slim showed me [and everyone else who reads her fab blog] a link to their site.

I fell in love.

Lusting after their clothes but never making a purchase.

Thinking it would be too easy to get dodgy products.

Oh boy was I wrong.

Their clothing is of exceptional quality.

Every piece that I purchased is excellent make. All three pieces being dresses.

While two pieces [the Deep Blue Sea Dress and Peachy as Could Be Dress] are a little on the short side, they will look gorgeous with tights or stockings underneath.

And as for the other dress I purchased, it was love as soon as I had it on.

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

I will wear it as my graduation dress. Pity I cannot dress it up with these accessories.

But it will still look amazing!

Would I buy from Mod Cloth again?
Yes, in a heartbeat. While you have to pay for shipping, which compares greatly to ASOS free shipping, but my items were shipped almost immediately! I cannot go past their high quality products.

What am I lusting after now? A Bathing Beauty One Piece in Black.

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